Cats We Have Rescued

Of course, we have changed the lives of many, many cats - at the time of writing, there are more than 300 cats and kittens in our care. While most go on to be the centre of their hooman's lives, there are others who, for some reason or other (usually because their story has an particularly sorry start, and an especially happy ending) gain the affection of our whole world of supporters. These are the ones we are featuring here.



Sila Today

Sila came to us as a tiny, eight-week-old kitten, found after she had fallen into a drum of used engine oil in the Launceston CBD. One of our Facebook Followers named her Sila, Slovakian for strength.

She had ingested some of the oil and was drenched in the thick substance that covered her coat. Sila actually 'died' twice, and was miraculously resuscitated.

It was touch-and-go - Sila had to get the oil out of her system and there was the potential for permanent damage to her liver.

Finally she bounced back! She now has a medical unit at the shelter named after her, and she looks amazing!

Listen to Rachel explaining Sila's ordeal


Dear little Bindi, horrifyingly, almost ended up as landfill. The wonderful workers at the Launceston Tip found her in the nick of time in the garbage, and brought her through to Just Cats. Initially known as just "the rubbish baby", Bindi soon had a personality shining through and found her name, Bindi.

Picture shows kitten with watery eyes and covered in garbage, wrapped in a pink towel

Listen to Rachel talking to Brian Carlton from Tasmania Talks about Bindi, her future, and the future of Just Cats.

After a warm bath, a good feed, she was off to one of our amazing foster carers, and now - her future is bright.

Image shows kitten now clean and bright eyed now it is cared for.