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>Leave Us A Little Behind…

Leave a gift in your Will to create a lasting legacy for our Shelter Cats and Kittens.

Including a gift to Just Cats Tasmania in your Will can help create a lasting legacy and make a tangible difference for our Shelter Cats and Kittens.

Your gift will help to provide food, bedding, litter, Shelter equipment, beds and all of those things that create a warm loving place for our ‘residents’ until they are rehomed.

Your gift will save lives by contributing to the cost of veterinary treatments for our homeless cats and kittens.

There are a number of ways you can leave a gift to Just Cats Tasmania in your Will (Suggested wordings for various Bequest types may be found by expanding the links:- Please always consult with a legal representative to ensure these wordings are appropriate and reflect your wishes.)

A Residual Gift

A gift of what is left in your Estate after loved ones have been taken care of and debts and taxes paid.

Suggested Wording –  ‘I give a (– insert a quantum share eg quarter, half, etc..) of my residuary estate upon trust to Just Cats Tasmania Incorporated ABN 13686959145 for its general purpose absolutely. I declare a general charitable intention.’

A Percentage Share

A gift of a share or portion of your Estate.

Suggested Wording –  ‘I give a (…insert percentage share, for example 50%,75% etc) of my estate upon trust to Just Cats Tasmania Incorporated ABN: 13686959145 for its general purposes absolutely. I declare a general charitable intention.’

A Specific (or Pecuniary) Gift

A gift of a specific nominated asset e.g. an amount of Money, Property or Shares

Suggested Wording – ‘I give free of all duties and charges the sum of (… write in words and numbers…) to Just Cats Tasmania Incorporated ABN 13686959145 for its general purposes absolutely. I declare a general charitable donation.’

Bequeathing Your Cats To Us - Benji's Legacy

Any of the clauses above may be followed by the additional option of bequeathing your cats to us as follows:- ‘and I direct Just Cats Tasmania Incorporated ABN 13686959145 shall care for any cats which I own at the date of my death until such time as a suitable home, at the discretion of the said organisation, shall be found for such felines.’

Should you wish to Bequeath your cats to us under the Benji’s Legacy Program please complete the profile form below with photos of your cat (s) and confirmation that you have made a Financial bequest in your Will.

You can read more about Benji’s Legacy below.

Benji’s Legacy Program

Planning for your Cats in your Will

Benji’s Legacy is a program offered by Just cats Tasmania following the unfortunate plight Benji found himself in when his owner unexpectedly passed away.

No arrangements had been made for Benji’s care and he was left homeless to fend for himself living on the street. His condition deteriorated and it was only when he was spotted by a concerned member of the public that he was brought into the care of Just Cats. Investigations revealed that Benji had been overlooked when his owner died.

Benji’s Legacy program gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your cat will be cared for after your death.  The cats will become legally owned and supported by Just Cats. You provide us a profile of your cat(s) – photo, behaviour traits etc. – so that we can match them to a loving suitable permanent Foster home. Just Cats will cover the cost of their veterinary expenses including their annual vaccinations and special dietary requirements with the Gift you leave Just Cats Tasmania in your Will.

As they are in a permanent Foster home Just Cats will regularly monitor their wellbeing.

If you’d like to find out more, please give us a call or fill in this form and a staff member will be in touch. If you are ready to go ahead and register your pets, please complete this registration form and return it to us via email at info@justcats.org.au.  



We recommend you consult a professional legal advisor to discuss your wishes; they will assist you with any questions you may have and provide you with the correct wording to include in your Will to best reflect the gift you wish to make to Just Cats Tasmania.

Discuss your decision with your family and loved ones. This will ensure your personal wish to support Just cats Tasmania is understood and supported.

Once you have remembered us in your Will we hope that you might like to let us know. You don’t have to- but we would very much like the opportunity to thank you personally for your thoughtful, caring decision. Please be assured your details will remain confidential. Any gift you give to Just Cats Tasmania, whether large or small, is greatly appreciated.

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