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There’s been so much happening for Just Cats over the past 6 months. It makes us feel worn out thinking about it. 
From gaining our State Government accreditation, winning our People’s Choice Award at the State Community Achievement Awards, to opening our new Shelter at Longford in November and our Council negotiations through December resulting in our big move into the Mowbray Centre over the New Year.

We’ve done so much that would not have been possible without the support of our wonderful Foster Carers, Volunteers, staff and those who donate, adopt or sponsor.

This last month saw us take in double the amount of cats we would normally take in, which was expected - we now have over 300 felines to care for
This means our costs have doubled too

Double the amount of food 
Double the amount of litter 
Double the amount of veterinary care

Can we double the amount of donations? 
We know we can - let’s do it!

So if you already donate on a regular bases are you in a position to increase it?

If you don’t donate already do you think you can?

One off donation? 
$1 a week
$5 a fortnight 
Or could you make a monthly donation?

Large or small - together you make a difference

Thank you to those who already donate - we are not sure you realise what a difference you make to what we do - we appreciate it

Share this post with your friends and family and help us double up

Via credit card or PayPal 

Or via bank transfers 
Just cats 
Bsb 037608
Act 579574

Just Cats is a registered charity and tax deductible

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Last Month's Stats: April 2020  Total Adoptions: 88 Total Incoming: 84 Total Cats and Kittens in Care at Month End: 77 Including 19 in foster care and 17 permanent fosters
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