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The Cat’s Out Of The Bag! Our Biggest Project Yet…

It’s time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag!

Our second biggest expense at Just Cats is easily the vet bill – over 1800 cats entered our shelter during 2019. We have desexed over 800 cats and as you all well know, many others receive medical attention or require surgery, oftentimes desperately. Our 2019 vet bill totalled over $100,000 which is the biggest we have ever had.

If we had the opportunity to contract our own vet we would have the potential to save over 50% of our veterinary expenses and if we had an extra $50,000 each year we are in a much stronger position to continue the great work that we do for years to come. Are you starting to see where we’re going with this?

There is also so much work and stress involved (for cats, volunteers and staff) with transporting cats almost every day from our Mowbray facility to our partnered veterinary clinic in Launceston. We have been dreaming of something we can use much closer to home.

Well, dreams do come true when you set yourself a goal – and we did it!

Last year we raised vital funds to try and obtain a mobile unit, however this project was met with lots of road blocks when it comes to meeting the standards of the veterinary board to create it into a desexing unit.
We felt that our focus would be better spent investigating the feasibility of a desexing unit at our Mowbray shelter for our shelter cats.

We also wanted to make sure it was relocatable in case we ever move to a new site.

So here’s our announcement;

As of the start of April Just Cats will be the third animal shelter in the state to have their own registered veterinary surgery. This will be a portable building located at the Mowbray site.

We are so very proud (and incredibly grateful) to announce the funding of the structure by the WD Booth Charitable Trust

This has all been made possible by those who donated previously; the determination and passion of our volunteer project manager Sheena Harris and last but by no means least, the support & expertise provided by Animal Medical Centre in being able to keep up with our heavy workload.

And to top off such an incredibly start to 2020, we are so lucky to have found the Purrfect vet to join our team – with great pleasure we announce that Dr Lisa Reynolds will officially be the Just Cats veterinarian.

How can you help?

The very last piece of our puzzle is the veterinary equipment to install into the building – we are $20,000 short to finish purchasing everything we need.

If you can donate to support us in bringing this massive, vital project to its launch, we would so appreciate it!

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