Risks of ‘free’ kittens

This little poppet was a free to good home advertised as 8 weeks old. I DONT THINK SO, less than half that age and I've had her for two weeks. Arrived here weighing 370 grams, dehydrated and very unwell.

**After several weeks of syringe feeding and looking after, we're sad to say that this little girl has passed away overnight, of course Rachel is devastated, even after all the special experienced care she was given, she was just taken away from her mother too early, we hope her siblings are fairing better.**

Getting a kitten for free you run the risk of getting an unhealthy kitten that hasn't been vet checked or like this one, way too young to leave its mother, still needing to suckle, cleaned and taught how to behave like a cat. Don;t forget the added costs of desexing and vaccinations.

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