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Our Very Own Clinic!

It’s happened!

After a year of planning, preparation and fundraising, hard work and dedication we now have our very own Just Cats Shelter Clinic.
Yesterday was our very first day desexing our cats to finally have them ready to leave for their homes where they get to live out their second and sometimes third chance.

How fantastic this will be for the future of Just Cats and will help to ensure we are here for the long term helping the cats in need in the North of the State.
We certainly couldn’t have done this without the amazing support of our community.

We can’t wait to have an offical celebration when Covid-19 restrictions drop but for now it’s up and running and changing lives.

So wonderful to have our shelter clinic team – Vet Nurse Rhiannon Casey and Vet Lisa Reynolds
A huge welcome aboard ladies – thank you for being such an integral part of our organisation

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