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Meet Forest….

forest needs a sponsor forest

This little boy is so sweet and has been rehabilitated with Donna our amazing Foster carer who looks after all our special needs.
Forest looks fine in these photos but sadly it seems his feral mother chewed off part of his back leg.
This can happen when mum is stressed and feels the litter is in danger – cats would rather eat their own young than have another animal do this for them. – bare in mind this would be at new born stage.
There are 3 kittens affected by this in the litter but Forest requires the removal of his back leg.

We can’t leave it on, because he is trying to use the leg which in turn creates issues for him.

This Friday Forest will be desexed and have his leg removed at the same time.

At this stage we are looking for donations to help cover Forest’s surgery expense

If you think you can help – here are some ways you can



Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574
Reference “FOREST”

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