Just Cats Tasmania expands rescue program for domestic stray and unowned cats

The North, North West and Northern Midlands communities will benefit from an expanded program being developed by Just Cats Tasmania Inc. following a successful grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF). Just Cats President, Rachel Beech, said the new program would be important for the whole community as it will focus on reducing the domestic stray and unowned cat population, particularly in urban and suburban areas.

As housing development in Tasmania moves further out from the traditional suburbs to regional areas, the importance of stray cat management needs to expand also and we want to be there to support the local Council and their communities with this. Not only are stray and unwanted cats a threat to native wildlife, they can also create animal health issues as domesticated cats interact with these cats and become contaminated with the diseases these strays often carry. Similarly, we need to protect the residents and our own volunteers from cross contamination from bites and scratches when removing these cats from the community.

Understandably these cats are frightened and, when ‘cornered’ can become quite aggressive. The grant from TCF will fund an increase in the number of cat friendly and user friendly ‘traps’ that will be available to support the communities in removing unwanted stray and unowned cats. Additionally, the funding will provide for specialised cages which more easily allow Volunteers and Veterinary staff safer handling of the cats to assess them for micro shipping and health evaluations. “We have a duty of care to our Staff and Volunteers to provide a safe environment in which to work and to avoid any cross contamination of disease from rescued cats to humans and to other cats in the shelter. We are thrilled that the funding from TCF will also provide us with much needed Quarantine equipment to assist in reducing that risk “, Rachel said. “We will be working with local Councils to understand their main concerns and ‘hot spots’ in their Cat Management Strategy and supporting their communities in addressing the domestic, stray and unwanted cat concerns.

We have had amazing support from local councils and DPIPWE which helped us to be successful in obtaining this TCF grant” “We believe that we presented a good business case with clear budgeting protocols that highlighted the value of the additional equipment to our organisation and the broader communities we support.” We are most grateful of the support TCF has provided Just Cats Tasmania in awarding us this grant.”

The independent community funding body, the Tasmanian Community Fund was established following the sale of the Trust Bank in 1999 to give back to the community proceeds from the sale of a community asset. Since that time the TCF has allocated approximately $58.6 million to approx.. 1700 state wide projects

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