Changes to opening hours

Sometimes a little reflection leads to some 'aha' moments! Our adoptions on Sundays *on paper* seem great, but that leaves those working at the shelter scratching their heads, as its their quietest day. Then we realised that those great numbers are coming from the off site adoption days, such as at kitten high teas, expos and Pet Stock. So, we've decided to close the shelter on Sundays, which means we can bring more kittens to locations near you! Keep your eyes on FaceBook and our events calendar to see whats coming up soon - and of course, PetStock Invermay have our kittens available to adopt in store. AND we're going to be open Wednesdays!

We hope we don't catch too many people unaware with these changes - and we are excited to explore new ways to find more homes their cats. Um, I mean, more cats their homes.....

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