Chairman’s Report – 2019 AGM

What a year we’ve had at Just Cats!! 

I’ve been so privileged to play a part in this wonderful organisation as we’ve more than doubled in size over the past 12 months .

The year started with the decision by the Board to investigate submitting an application to the State Government (DPIPWE) for accreditation as a registered Cat Management Facility. As this has never been done before in Tasmania we worked closely with Michael Askey-Doran from DPIPWE to firstly, get an understanding of what the process might look like and then set to work on making application.
From developing Standard Operating Procedures for all Shelter tasks, ensuring cat containment units were at appropriate cat number ratios, installing additional workplace Health and Safety equipment, emergency procedures and many more small but very important operating policies and procedures. 

While the application was taking shape , so was our wonderful new Longford Shelter. This was a huge task, project managed by Rachel Beech, while continuing to run our usual efficient shelter operations and adoptions from the old site. Having both the accreditation and the new building happening at the same time allowed us to incorporate those added necessary building works as required of a registered Cat Management Facility. This included a fully operational laundry area with hot and cold running water, staff lunch room area, seperate Isolation room and a medical procedure unit (Sila’s Unit). The new big adoption rooms have made our Longford Shelter a very special place for the public to visit and spend time in with the cats and kittens while choosing their special new family member.

Our VIP shelter opening in November was long awaited and well worth the wait. Attended by around 50 people, including the Premiers representative, DPIPWE representatives, local Council reps, Tas Community Fund Chair (Sally Darke) media reps and our wonderful team of Volunteers and Board. To top off the special event Michael Askey-Doran (DPIPWE) formally announced that our application for accreditation as a registered Cat Management Facility had been approved! 

During the year we also introduced new Shelter Management software. The research and commitment put in by Carolyn Budai fine tuning this software to meet our needs, coaching us on how to use the system and managing the change process with Rachel has been invaluable. Thank you Carolyn.

Before we had time to fully enjoy the new shelter and our accreditation, the RSPCA in Northern Tasmania announced they would not be continuing Shelter services in Launceston. After much consideration the Board agreed that the only real option for us was to express interest in taking on the Cat Management Facility from the RSPCA at Mowbray. Our fear if we didn’t express interest was that we would be inundated at Longford with surrendered cats that we wouldn’t be able to accomodate at the Longford Shelter. The Mowbray Facility would give us an additional 33 rooms, an Isolation area and a reception building. Our expression of interest was accepted by the Launceston City Council and with just a couple of weeks after their decision we moved into the Mowbray Facility.

The smooth transition to our 2 Shelter representation was remarkable. Yes we had some sleepless nights and stressful days ( and will continue to...) but all those who supported over the Christmas/New Year to ensure the transition was as smooth as it was are to be congratulated. Without them it simply wouldn’t have been possible.

Our first 6 months of dual site Shelters has been enormous. We have more than doubled our cats in care numbers and are beginning to see a nice upward trend in adoption numbers. This has meant financial decisions on a day to day basis have been very considered and we thank Rachel for her ‘tight rein’ on the purse.

As always our supporters, Donors, staff, volunteers and Board are what makes this organisation as special as it is. So many large charities ( for that’s what we are now) have a high number of paid staff handling Donors, Bequests, Marketing, Events, Media and a myriad of other necessary tasks. At Just Cats the donations we receive go back to those we care for, the welfare of the cats and kittens. That means it’s our Volunteers who ‘dig in’ and make things happen’.

Our monthly donors are continuing to grow and the support of our Corporate Business partners like Bunnings, Petstock and Hills Science Diet has been exceptional over the past year. Our focus over the coming year from a fundraising perspective is to build a solid Bequests program that is known and supported widely. With the average Australian Bequest amounting to $70k this is something we need to be a part of for our own financial stability.

Phew, I feel tired as I look back at what has been achieved over the past 12 months but I also smile with glee at what a magic year it has been in recognising Just Cats as the amazing organisation it is.

As I stepped back from the Chairman role in April I felt more than comfortable knowing the depth of knowledge and,more importantly, the drive and vision of the remaining Board Members (and those Board Members to come) would guide Just Cats onto even better things in the years ahead ( after a period of consolidation).

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being Just Cats Chairman. I will always be your biggest supporter.

Sheena Harris

Last Month's Stats: April 2020  Total Adoptions: 171 Total Incoming: 69 Total Cats and Kittens in Care at Month End: 128 Including 38 in foster care and 22 permanent fosters

Covid 19 Update - Adopt But Stay

During the Covid-19 pandemic most vets are not able to offer routine procedures, and therefore we need to wait until our own vet unit is up and running - we have one local vet offering to assist with small numbers in the meantime. As a result, to continue to meet the needs of both our felines and the people that are seeking to love them, we have introduced the "Adopt but Stay" program. This program is where you adopt the feline that you love, but we care for them until they are Desexed, after which you may return to collect (this could be as quickly as a day, but could take up to 10 days depending on vet availability)

We appreciate your understanding and patience, and our cats can't wait to meet you!

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