Last week, after a busy week of adoptions followed by an amazingly successful adoption expo in Burnie....JustCats found themselves CATLESS! Of course, there are always more cats that need help - so what this really meant is that we were able to open our doors to help even more puddintats find their homes.  When you adopt a cat, you don't just save one - you save another who can now fill the same space at the shelter.  So yes, more cats are now at the shelter, but as they have only just arrived they aren't quite ready to leave yet.  Please come along and meet them, adoption applications are still go go go, it just means they won't be able to leave with you on the same day - we need to let them settle and adjust and make sure they are healthy and happy and above all READY to be rehomed.  Looking forward to our NEXT catless day!

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Last Month's Stats: June 2020  Total Adoptions: 88 Total Incoming: 84 Total Cats and Kittens in Care at Month End: 77 Including 19 in foster care and 17 permanent fosters
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