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Great with dogs and cats! Female Domestic Short Hair Looking for a place to call home Having said that, Annabel isn't great with kids - she's had a few experiences in her life that have made her decide that little people aren't her cup of tea. Shes a loving girl who needs to find her…
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Even a little helps a lot

So many of you have said that you want to help but not sure how! Well here's an idea... We have a few amazing people who donate straight to the Just Cats account on a regular basis. Some $5 a month and others more - actually some just $2. I know it doesn't sound like…
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Kitten season looms once again

Sadly we are already seeing cats coming into the shelter Pregnant. Please, we cannot stress it enough that NOW is the time to desex your cat. Both male and females need to be desexed. Ask us about how to make it affordable - do yourself and your cat a favour and contact us at Just…
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The new ferals

I appreciate so many of you have lost loved cats that sometimes looks like a feral we have. Please note however that if we have a cat handed in that possibly could have been owned in the past - the post would read "found" but these guys have been born near a factory where the…
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Looking for financial donations

It's been awhile since we have asked for financial donations - We have so many kittens at the moment and are running low on kitten food - fancy feast wet food is our preference yet we don't knock back other brands - no dry food needed. - or help us by donating to the just…
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Last Month's Stats: June 2020  Total Adoptions: 88 Total Incoming: 84 Total Cats and Kittens in Care at Month End: 77 Including 19 in foster care and 17 permanent fosters
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