Cat and Kitten expo this Sunday

On Sunday the 19th we will be holding our biggest Fundraiser for the year!

There will be so much to see with some great stall holders (great for Mothers Day gift ideas) information on cat runs and boarding, diet and nutrician - the kids can enjoy a pony ride, face painting for those big and small and we have a photographer coming who will be available to take photos for you on the day with or without your pet, bring your cat, your dog or even your rabbit...

Lots of cats looking for homes but also a great chance to meet some breeders to talk about different type of cats - some cats that will be on display for you will be - Siamese, Sphynx, Devon Rex, Cornish, Burmese, British, Tonkinese, Birmans, Maincoons and more.

Enjoy some Breakfast or lunch from the kitchen or a Sausage from the BBQ and finish it off with a gorgeous cupcake from Mad Hatters Treats - so much to do, see and enjoy!

$2 entry fee or $5 per family! spread the word and support Just Cats Tasmania - Sunday 19th April 10am - 3pm.

For more information, please visit our Facebook Event Page

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Last Month's Stats: April 2020  Total Adoptions: 88 Total Incoming: 84 Total Cats and Kittens in Care at Month End: 77 Including 19 in foster care and 17 permanent fosters
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