Blood Donor Gavin!

So proud of Gavin -
He donated Blood today to help save the life of another cat.
Lots of people don’t know that there are times Cats need blood transfusions ( I personally know this as I lost a cat once when she needed an urgent blood transfusion and we didn’t get a donor in time)

If you are interested in your cat being a blood donor - speak to your vet.

The process is easy, however a blood test is required first to make sure your cat is FIV (Feline Aids) negative and to check for blood type;
Be physically fit and aged between one and eight years old;
Weigh more than 5kg;
Up to date with vaccinations and worming.

Then your cat can be listed as a blood donor.

Gavin shared his life to save another today
He is doing fine now and he has no idea what a legend he was - or maybe he does lol!

Why not share how proud you are of Gavin and Vote for him to be the face of Applaws cat food 🙂

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  1. Good job Gavin ! Extra pats for you !

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