The best Mayday update ever

Let's share the whole story

Mayday was a kitten born to a feral mother out on a farm, the owner decided it was time to trap them and desex mum and kittens and keep them on the property - very wise move.
Mayday was one of the kittens and when caught they realised he needed urgent medical attention and brought him onto the shelter for us to take over.

Mayday had an ulcerated eye that needed to be removed urgently, however he was only 6 weeks old and was not able to undergo such a big operation until he weighed 1kg which would be at 10 weeks of age.

We kept mayday on antibiotics so that the eye didn't cause any infection to his brain and things where going ok.

The week that mayday reached the correct weight he developed a lung infection and was having difficulties breathing - this meant that surgery would be extremely risky and with the guidance of our wonderful vets we decided to delay the surgery.

Mayday had other plans!
A week later his eye ruptured - this meant there was nothing we could do other than preform emergency surgery to remove the eye.

Animal Medical Centre pulled the best team of Vets and nurses together and removed Mayday's eye carefully watching his breathing.
We where all waiting in anxious anticipation to hear if he had made it through the surgery or not.
Lucky for Mayday and lucky for all of us this strong willed fighter pulled through.
His lungs where now the issue.

We posted a video of Mayday struggling to breath - it wasn't the nicest video to watch while he was at his worst but it was to show you how much he needed us and your help financially to assist him to get through this. In which he did
We raised $1500 for Mayday - this has allowed us to pay for his medical needs and your support was appreciated.

Mayday was placed into an oxygen tent and given a shot of cortisone and within 48 hours he was breathing better - not awesome but better

After another course of antibiotics Mayday's lungs are now clear, he can play, purr, eat and enjoy life breathing easy - this is all thanks to - the property owner, The daughter who drove him into us, all the staff and volunteers at Just Cats who cared for him 24/7, myself, my family - especially my daughter who had Mayday sleeping with her each night, the wonderful supportive Vets and staff at Animal Medical Centre who even sent messages asking how he was going each day and to all of YOU - those of you who offered words of support and comfort, messages of encouragement to keep on going, to those of you who donated and continue to do so - so that not only Mayday but other Felines can live -
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE - you make our organisation worth every sleepless night

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