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just cats cat and kitten expo 6/12/15

December 6th 11am – 3pm at the Evandale Memorial Hall View Facebook event page Come along to our Cat and Kitten Expo – this is a wonderful event displaying different breeds of cats for the general public to gain knowledge and understanding of Pure Bred Cats. Along side the pedigree cats are the Just Cats…
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Even a little helps a lot

So many of you have said that you want to help but not sure how! Well here’s an idea… We have a few amazing people who donate straight to the Just Cats account on a regular basis. Some $5 a month and others more – actually some just $2. I know it doesn’t sound like…
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Kitten season looms once again

Sadly we are already seeing cats coming into the shelter Pregnant. Please, we cannot stress it enough that NOW is the time to desex your cat. Both male and females need to be desexed. Ask us about how to make it affordable – do yourself and your cat a favour and contact us at Just…
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Thank you.

Just Cats Tasmania would really like to thank all those who donate on a regular basis, $2 – $50 it really doesn’t matter as it all adds up and allows us to continue to take care of all the felines we have. If you think you could make a regular donation – please do, this…
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The new ferals

I appreciate so many of you have lost loved cats that sometimes looks like a feral we have. Please note however that if we have a cat handed in that possibly could have been owned in the past – the post would read “found” but these guys have been born near a factory where the…
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Looking for financial donations

It’s been awhile since we have asked for financial donations – We have so many kittens at the moment and are running low on kitten food – fancy feast wet food is our preference yet we don’t knock back other brands – no dry food needed. – or help us by donating to the just…
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Cat and Kitten expo this Sunday

On Sunday the 19th we will be holding our biggest Fundraiser for the year! There will be so much to see with some great stall holders (great for Mothers Day gift ideas) information on cat runs and boarding, diet and nutrician – the kids can enjoy a pony ride, face painting for those big and small…
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Fletcher’s perfect home

After recovering from his successful surgery to remove his damaged stump, tail and repair his toes, Fletcher was adopted to the perfect family. He will never have to worry about being treated anything less than a prince.
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Dorothy’s battle

Dorothy is undergoing treatment at the moment. This poor poppet arrived unwell and pregnant. She lost 3 of her 4 kittens (who is in with foster mother cat) – we think she may have been poisoned before arriving here and is suffering extreme liver damage. But don’t worry we have her medicated and loving her…
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Update on Fletcher

For those following Fletcher’s story – here he is. Doing well with another Buddy. His injuries are not causing him any distress now and soon he will under go surgery to have one leg amputated and his feet repaired. Xxx
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Fletcher’s fight

We have a suspected cruelty case, at first we were really hoping that this kitten “Fletcher” had unfortunately come in contact with some type of machinery – car engine, mower, or farm equipment but sadly after close inspection at the vet today we found an injury that we really doubt was the cause of an…
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Collars on cats

We often have people ask about collars for cats and my response has always been to not wear them and hence why microchipping would be a much better option. Cats can get caught in their collars and have no way of getting out. This picture is of a cat who went missing with a collar…
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Calling on rescue people

Calling out for a group of rescue people. People who would help with transporting felines to foster carers or vets etc, people who could temporarily take in felines until foster care is set up. People who could help us with trapping cats, checking up on rescue call ours etc. Just need your name and number…
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Risks of ‘free’ kittens

This little poppet was a free to good home advertised as 8 weeks old. I DONT THINK SO, less than half that age and I’ve had her for two weeks. Arrived here weighing 370 grams, dehydrated and very unwell. **After several weeks of syringe feeding and looking after, we’re sad to say that this little…
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Help for New Cattery

Ok we need your help – We currently are able to house up to 70 – 100 cats or kittens and would like to extend the main cattery to house more allowing us the opportunity to save more lives, to help please visit our GoFundMe page and please remember to share this to as many friends and family…
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Brand new website

Welcome to our new website, donated by Southern Websites. With our new system you can browse our cats and kittens up for adopton, foster and sponsorship
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Kitten Food

We are in need of kitten wet food – if you think you could add a box or 2 to your shopping list and donate it we would really appreciate it. Could be left at pet barn Launceston for collection or dropped off at the shelter in Longford. If you would like to help but can’t…
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