52 New Cats in 3 Days! Help!

Just 3 days at our new location and 52 felines have arrived. 
Just Cats needs supplies at both locations, Longford or Mowbray 
For those on the North West Coast you can help by donating to Caroline Dare in Devonport.

Wish List:

Paper towel 
Toilet paper 
Antibacterial surface wipes
Window cleaner 
Dishwashing detergent 
Hand soap
Canisten antifungal wash
Extra large garbage bags to fit 56 and 76ltr bins

A4 paper 
Clear plastic sleeves 
Laminating pockets A4
Paper clips 
Corrector tape

kitten wet food
Paper plates - all sizes 
Financial donations help with the purchase of flea and worm treatment 
No dry food required at the moment thank you

All donations are extremely appreciated

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Last Month's Stats: April 2020  Total Adoptions: 171 Total Incoming: 69 Total Cats and Kittens in Care at Month End: 128 Including 38 in foster care and 22 permanent fosters

Covid 19 Update - Adopt But Stay

During the Covid-19 pandemic most vets are not able to offer routine procedures, and therefore we need to wait until our own vet unit is up and running - we have one local vet offering to assist with small numbers in the meantime. As a result, to continue to meet the needs of both our felines and the people that are seeking to love them, we have introduced the "Adopt but Stay" program. This program is where you adopt the feline that you love, but we care for them until they are Desexed, after which you may return to collect (this could be as quickly as a day, but could take up to 10 days depending on vet availability)

We appreciate your understanding and patience, and our cats can't wait to meet you!

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