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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Building is underway!

The Building for Just Cats is coming along really well now – with the two back rooms going up first – hospital section and then quarantine – once this is sealed off we can move everyone out here in temporary pens while we knock down the existing building and add the adoption room to the…
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Help needed for Crystal

Help needed No one has claimed Crystal (as we call her) so we need donations to help us with her medical needs Crystal has had trauma to her joint and its fractured badly – she had surgery today after being sedated all of last night due to pain  She’s still in hospital and will return…
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Safe Sex!

It’s that time of year again where we ask that you think about your cats and desexing! Just Cats offers discounted desexing to those up North – this is the perfect time for you to book your cat in with us Here’s some reasons why you should Desex your cats Firstly registered breeders have to…
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Temporary closure for construction!

Just Cats is open this weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 till 2pm You will also find us (with Gavin) at The Warehouse Traders in Spreyton with kittens and cats for adoption on Saturday from 10 till 2pm And of course 4 kittens at Petstock So we have spread ourselves out for all of…
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