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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Meet Forest….

forest needs a sponsor This little boy is so sweet and has been rehabilitated with Donna our amazing Foster carer who looks after all our special needs. Forest looks fine in these photos but sadly it seems his feral mother chewed off part of his back leg. This can happen when mum is stressed and…
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Happy cat adoption day today!

Such a beautiful story Bronte surrendered Deli last year when they moved – they took one cat with them as Delilah didn’t cope well with the other cat the choice was made to find her a new home. In which she did! When Deli’s new owner passed away and Deli arrived back here, Bronte saw…
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What a great little guy!

This is young Liam His birthday is this Thursday – last weekend he had his celebration party and knowing it was Gavin’s Birthday he decided to share his Birthday money with Gavin. So Liam popped into the Shelter with a gift of Food for Gavin and his friends. Thanks so much Liam – you will…
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