The new ferals

I appreciate so many of you have lost loved cats that sometimes looks like a feral we have. Please note however that if we have a cat handed in that possibly could have been owned in the past - the post would read "found" but these guys have been born near a factory where the business owners have fed them and trapped them at the times where we can help out. There are 20 odd cats and kittens at this location that we are helping to rehabilitate. They are born in the wild ferals and never owned by humans ever xxx promise if I think otherwise you would be told. Thank you to those offering to adopt - it will be a along time before we can place them up for adoption. The best thing you can offer at this stage is to sponsor these two so that we can do their vet work and find them homes later. Sponsorship is $60 per cat
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Feral as reference
Fiona Wallace has kindly taken them on for us and they will be returned once rehabilated - she will keep us updated on their progress

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