Royal Adoption Day! Just Cats open Monday 11th June

34847778_10155651108598716_4016114293744336896_n Posted : 10/06/2018.

Yes it is TRUE!  Just Cats will be open for adoptions on Monday 11th, make the most of your public holiday – come and check out our new shelter, and take home a new friend.


Luna Posted : 08/06/2018.

Meet Luna

This dear little 10 week old is having some health issues – there is a possibility that her diaphragm has ruptured which can be repaired however we won’t know until after her ultra sound tomorrow

If it’s the case then she’ll have surgery asap to fix it

We are looking for donations to help us assist with Luna’s medical needs

If you can assist here are the details to help
Please use “Luna” in the reference

Via card


Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574


mayday Posted : 20/05/2018.

The best Mayday update ever

Let’s share the whole story

Mayday was a kitten born to a feral mother out on a farm, the owner decided it was time to trap them and desex mum and kittens and keep them on the property – very wise move.
Mayday was one of the kittens and when caught they realised he needed urgent medical attention and brought him onto the shelter for us to take over.

Mayday had an ulcerated eye that needed to be removed urgently, however he was only 6 weeks old and was not able to undergo such a big operation until he weighed 1kg which would be at 10 weeks of age.

We kept mayday on antibiotics so that the eye didn’t cause any infection to his brain and things where going ok.

The week that mayday reached the correct weight he developed a lung infection and was having difficulties breathing – this meant that surgery would be extremely risky and with the guidance of our wonderful vets we decided to delay the surgery.

Mayday had other plans!
A week later his eye ruptured – this meant there was nothing we could do other than preform emergency surgery to remove the eye.

Animal Medical Centre pulled the best team of Vets and nurses together and removed Mayday’s eye carefully watching his breathing.
We where all waiting in anxious anticipation to hear if he had made it through the surgery or not.
Lucky for Mayday and lucky for all of us this strong willed fighter pulled through.
His lungs where now the issue.

We posted a video of Mayday struggling to breath – it wasn’t the nicest video to watch while he was at his worst but it was to show you how much he needed us and your help financially to assist him to get through this. In which he did
We raised $1500 for Mayday – this has allowed us to pay for his medical needs and your support was appreciated.

Mayday was placed into an oxygen tent and given a shot of cortisone and within 48 hours he was breathing better – not awesome but better

After another course of antibiotics Mayday’s lungs are now clear, he can play, purr, eat and enjoy life breathing easy – this is all thanks to – the property owner, The daughter who drove him into us, all the staff and volunteers at Just Cats who cared for him 24/7, myself, my family – especially my daughter who had Mayday sleeping with her each night, the wonderful supportive Vets and staff at Animal Medical Centre who even sent messages asking how he was going each day and to all of YOU – those of you who offered words of support and comfort, messages of encouragement to keep on going, to those of you who donated and continue to do so – so that not only Mayday but other Felines can live –
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE – you make our organisation worth every sleepless night

Boarding Facilities for Cats now Open!

Sparkling Clean Cat Kennels Posted : 24/03/2018.

Are you going away but aren’t sure where to leave your loved felines?
Don’t stress – call us at Just Cats – we now offer boarding !
Great rates, we are here 24/7, lots of attention offered
Book your spot 0412581672

Just Cats Tasmania expands rescue program for domestic stray and unowned cats

Posted : 24/03/2018.

The North, North West and Northern Midlands communities will benefit from an expanded program being developed by Just Cats Tasmania Inc. following a successful grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF). Just Cats President, Rachel Beech, said the new program would be important for the whole community as it will focus on reducing the domestic stray and unowned cat population, particularly in urban and suburban areas.

As housing development in Tasmania moves further out from the traditional suburbs to regional areas, the importance of stray cat management needs to expand also and we want to be there to support the local Council and their communities with this. Not only are stray and unwanted cats a threat to native wildlife, they can also create animal health issues as domesticated cats interact with these cats and become contaminated with the diseases these strays often carry. Similarly, we need to protect the residents and our own volunteers from cross contamination from bites and scratches when removing these cats from the community.

Understandably these cats are frightened and, when ‘cornered’ can become quite aggressive. The grant from TCF will fund an increase in the number of cat friendly and user friendly ‘traps’ that will be available to support the communities in removing unwanted stray and unowned cats. Additionally, the funding will provide for specialised cages which more easily allow Volunteers and Veterinary staff safer handling of the cats to assess them for micro shipping and health evaluations. “We have a duty of care to our Staff and Volunteers to provide a safe environment in which to work and to avoid any cross contamination of disease from rescued cats to humans and to other cats in the shelter. We are thrilled that the funding from TCF will also provide us with much needed Quarantine equipment to assist in reducing that risk “, Rachel said. “We will be working with local Councils to understand their main concerns and ‘hot spots’ in their Cat Management Strategy and supporting their communities in addressing the domestic, stray and unwanted cat concerns.

We have had amazing support from local councils and DPIPWE which helped us to be successful in obtaining this TCF grant” “We believe that we presented a good business case with clear budgeting protocols that highlighted the value of the additional equipment to our organisation and the broader communities we support.” We are most grateful of the support TCF has provided Just Cats Tasmania in awarding us this grant.”

The independent community funding body, the Tasmanian Community Fund was established following the sale of the Trust Bank in 1999 to give back to the community proceeds from the sale of a community asset. Since that time the TCF has allocated approximately $58.6 million to approx.. 1700 state wide projects

The Just Cats Adoption Process

Posted : 11/01/2018.

We pride ourselves on matching the right feline with the right family

You may think a particular coloured cat or kitten is what you would like but perhaps the temperament isn’t what you expect.

Just by sending us a message we can’t work out if the cat or kitten you are interested in is the perfect match for you.

Therefore –

You must either contact us by phoning 0412581672 so we can chat about your requirements and our expectations
Pop in to spend time with the cats and kittens
You’ll be surprised how many actually choose you!

Colour is an appearance – personality should be the importance

The shelter is open daily 11 till 2pm
The phone is answered between 10 and 5pm
With both being closed on Wednesdays

Just Cats Christmas Hours

christmas Posted : 21/12/2017.

Just Cats Christmas hours

Friday 22nd December open 11 – 2pm
Saturday 23rd December open 11 – 2pm
Sunday – Xmas Eve – closed
Monday – Xmas Day – closed
Tuesday – Boxing Day – closed
Wednesday closed as usual
Thursday 28th open 11-2pm

Normal hours from then!

Have a safe, merry Christmas with your fur babies and other family.

Can you help?

Posted : 02/12/2017.

Just Cats has just built a brand new shelter for our cats – now we’re asking for a bit of help to raise funds for a heat pump/air conditioner to keep everyone comfortable!  Our GoFundMe page is here…..

Your assistance is what keeps us going!

Volunteers Needed!

Posted : 05/11/2017.

Just Cats Tasmania has positions for volunteers available.

Do you love cats, like spending time with them?
If your answer is yes than we need your help!

Each morning our volunteers help us by doing the following tasks

* cleaning pens
* changing kitty litters
* preparing meals and feeding cats
* socialising with cats
* cleaning the shelter
* washing up dishes
* putting towels in washing machine
* hanging out the washing
* bringing in the dried washing

If you can work in a team environment and can spare 3 hours any morning between 9.30 and 12.30
We ask you to make contact with us

Positions available for

Just Cats is located at Esk Lyn Rd Longford Tasmania

Must be over 16 to apply

A busy October

gavin Posted : 24/10/2017.

It seems like time has whizzed past this month, with Just Cats favourite mascot Gavin travelling the state – he participated in the Mental Health Expo, the Launceston Show, Hobart Cat Show AND the Longford show.  He’s done a great job raising the profile of Just Cats and helping cats less fortunate than himself (til now) find their own very special homes.  Pop out and visit Gav at the shelter….and maybe find the new love of your life while you are here.

Building is underway!

building Posted : 30/09/2017.

The Building for Just Cats is coming along really well now – with the two back rooms going up first – hospital section and then quarantine – once this is sealed off we can move everyone out here in temporary pens while we knock down the existing building and add the adoption room to the new one

So excited

Help needed for Crystal

crystal Posted : 17/09/2017.

Help needed

No one has claimed Crystal (as we call her) so we need donations to help us with her medical needs

Crystal has had trauma to her joint and its fractured badly – she had surgery today after being sedated all of last night due to pain 
She’s still in hospital and will return to us tomorrow
She has had pins put in to secure her bone – the outcome will be positive but she will have a shortened leg

If you can donate to support Crystal
Here are the details

For credit card with automatic receipt given use this link

Otherwise you can deposit into the account
Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574
Reference “Crystal”

Safe Sex!

Posted : 03/09/2017.

safe sex

It’s that time of year again where we ask that you think about your cats and desexing!
Just Cats offers discounted desexing to those up North – this is the perfect time for you to book your cat in with us

Here’s some reasons why you should Desex your cats

Firstly registered breeders have to follow rules and regulations that are set out for the best welfare of the Cat – it is against the Cat Management Act to breed cats without being a registered Breeder
But as this doesn’t stop accidental or planned back yard breeding there are some things you should know about

It is also against the Cat management Act to sell or give away undesexed cats or kitten

Temporary closure for construction!

Posted : 03/09/2017.


Just Cats is open this weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 till 2pm
You will also find us (with Gavin) at The Warehouse Traders in Spreyton with kittens and cats for adoption on Saturday from 10 till 2pm
And of course 4 kittens at Petstock

So we have spread ourselves out for all of you to visit

But …..

From Monday 4th September through till Thursday 14th Just Cats will be closed
We have the New Building being built and need to keep the place clear for the builders
I’m also taking advantage of this time to runaway to Bali lol – so I won’t be contactable by phone – but we will be back on board and available from the 14th

You will always find Cats and kittens from Just Cats at Petstock while we are closed

If you need assistance for any urgent Vet needs please contact a local Vet

For surrenders please contact Rescue Cats Safe Haven or RSPCA

Boots and Mouse found a home!

Posted : 13/08/2017.

Read the story of Boots and Mouse – from tragedy to a new start.

Lots of New Cats for Adoption Now!

Posted : 30/07/2017.

Things are back to normal at Just Cats – after a couple of phenomenal weeks of adoption, we now have a shelter FULL of new cats looking for homes.  Pop in and meet some adorable moggies who just might be your match made in heaven!


Posted : 22/07/2017.

Last week, after a busy week of adoptions followed by an amazingly successful adoption expo in Burnie….JustCats found themselves CATLESS! Of course, there are always more cats that need help – so what this really meant is that we were able to open our doors to help even more puddintats find their homes.  When you adopt a cat, you don’t just save one – you save another who can now fill the same space at the shelter.  So yes, more cats are now at the shelter, but as they have only just arrived they aren’t quite ready to leave yet.  Please come along and meet them, adoption applications are still go go go, it just means they won’t be able to leave with you on the same day – we need to let them settle and adjust and make sure they are healthy and happy and above all READY to be rehomed.  Looking forward to our NEXT catless day!

Just Cats Burnie Expo!

Just Cats Burnie Expo! (1) Posted : 05/07/2017.


We’re on the road again!  Come and meet Gavin and his adorable, adoptable friends at the Burnie Yacht Club on July 16th – can’t wait to see you there!

Meet Forest….

Posted : 25/06/2017.

forest needs a sponsor forest

This little boy is so sweet and has been rehabilitated with Donna our amazing Foster carer who looks after all our special needs.
Forest looks fine in these photos but sadly it seems his feral mother chewed off part of his back leg.
This can happen when mum is stressed and feels the litter is in danger – cats would rather eat their own young than have another animal do this for them. – bare in mind this would be at new born stage.
There are 3 kittens affected by this in the litter but Forest requires the removal of his back leg.

We can’t leave it on, because he is trying to use the leg which in turn creates issues for him.

This Friday Forest will be desexed and have his leg removed at the same time.

At this stage we are looking for donations to help cover Forest’s surgery expense

If you think you can help – here are some ways you can


Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574
Reference “FOREST”

Happy cat adoption day today!

Posted : 11/06/2017.

Such a beautiful story

Bronte surrendered Deli last year when they moved – they took one cat with them as Delilah didn’t cope well with the other cat the choice was made to find her a new home. In which she did!

When Deli’s new owner passed away and Deli arrived back here, Bronte saw Deli on our page – their situation has changed -the other cat sadly passed away from cancer, they are moving toMelbourne and are now in a position to adopt Deli and take her back with them. We both shed tears of excitement today for Deli as she will be reunited with her family very soon.

We are sure Deli will travel well to Melbourne and live out her life in a safe environment


What a great little guy!

Posted : 09/06/2017.

This is young Liam
His birthday is this Thursday – last weekend he had his celebration party and knowing it was Gavin’s Birthday he decided to share his Birthday money with Gavin.
So Liam popped into the Shelter with a gift of Food for Gavin and his friends.

Thanks so much Liam – you will develop into a very well respected young man.
Happy Birthday to you this Thursday gorgeous boy xxxx

liam and cat

PetStock and PetRescue.Org.Au Organised An AMAZING Donation!

Posted : 28/05/2017.

How amazing is this
PetRecue chose us for their food Donation
48 cases of cat food measuring 1.5 cubic meters

This will help us so much

Thank you Petstock and thank you PetRescue

Petstock and PetRescue donate food! Rachel and Gavin are collecting it.

Rachel and Gavin collecting SO much food!

Youngtown Primary School Fundraising Success!

Posted : 26/05/2017.

A big thank you to all families for supporting the Just Cats fundraiser. A phenomenal $418 was raised, doubling the goal!!! Congratulations.

youngtown primary

Great Day!

Posted : 21/05/2017.

People came from far and wide to meet Gavin at the Hobart cat show.  And, to top it all off, while he was away, the shelter had a GREAT day!
4 cats left for new homes today with 5 adopted
And a little ginger and white kitten

picture shows a black teenage male cat

Farewell lovely Citrus!

Gavin will be at the Hobart cat show tomorrow! Come and meet him at the Pointville Hall in Brighton!

Posted : 20/05/2017.

Come and meet him at the Pointville Hall in Brighton!




Posted : 20/05/2017.

Great with dogs and cats!

Female Domestic Short Hair Looking for a place to call home

Having said that, Annabel isn’t great with kids – she’s had a few experiences in her life that have made her decide that little people aren’t her cup of tea. Shes a loving girl who needs to find her own ‘place in the sun’ where she can relax and make you happy, without having to worry about having her tail tugged :)

Gavin’s Celebrating His Birthday – Please Join Him!

gavin Posted : 07/05/2017.

Gavin is turning 2!
We are so excited that we would like to invite you all to celebrate with us!

Just Cats is holding a fundraiser event on Friday 2nd June at the Greenwood Bar – lloyds Hotel
From 7pm

Entry is $15 which includes a glass of champagne or beer

This will be a fun night of entertainment
DJ Rod will be starting around 8.30pm to entertain us with music
Gavin Cake will be shared with you all

Let’s fill the dance floor and let our hair down for Gavin!

Gavin will be on the big screen sharing his celebrations with us

A night filled with live Auctions and raffles, fun, laughter, and more

** Must be 18yrs min

Christmas Opening Hours

kits Posted : 23/12/2016.

Just Cats Christmas period open hours

Thursday 22nd – open from 11am till 2pm
Friday 23rd – open 11am till 2pm and 5pm till 7pm
Saturday 24th we are closed (available for early morning pickups of adopted kittens only)
Sunday 25th – Closed
Monday 26th – Closed
Tuesday 27th – Closed
Wednesday 28th – Closed
Thursday 29th – back to normal

We have kittens at Petstock in Invermay for those wanting to adopt

Have your pet’s photo taken with Santa

santa Posted : 23/11/2016.

We are super excited to have Santa visiting Petstock again this year on Saturday 26th November from 10am – 5pm.
Simply donate $5 at the counter & use your camera or phone to snap your pet’s photo with Santa!
100% of donations go to Just Cats to help pets in need this Christmas. is supporting. Booking are essential, call your local store to book on ‭+61 3 6338 1827‬

2016 Cat & Kitten Expo December 4th

Cat and Kitten Expo Posted : 31/10/2016.

Come along to our Cat and Kitten Expo – this is a wonderful event with Just Cats cats and kittens looking for homes – perhaps you could find your new family member here.

A number of pedigree cats and breeders will also be at the expo displaying different breeds of cats for the general public to gain knowledge and understanding of Pure Bred Cats.

Bring the whole family as there are lots of things to do – entertain the kids with a jumping castle, face painting and Pony Rides, whilst you can enjoy Christmas shopping with lots of market stalls about, perhaps you could also win your self a prize or two with some raffles available during the day.

Grab yourself something to eat for a late breakfast or lunch – so much to do and so much to see.

Entry $2 adult or $5 for a family, all proceeds will be donated to Just Cats Tasmania.

Thank you Petstock

petstock Posted : 30/09/2016.

Thanks to the amazing team at PETstock Launceston for inviting us to join their PETadopt program.

Today we delivered our first cat to the new instore Kitty Condo, PC seems to have settled in nicely and we are hoping all of this additional exposure will help him find a new home very soon.

PETstock PETadopt program is a wonderful partnership between PETstock stores and local rescue groups. The program helps educate the community about responsible pet ownership and links people looking to adopt a new pet to reputable rescue groups within the community.

100% of the adoption fees go directly to the rescue group. Thanks again PETstock, what a fantastic initiative.


Opening Hours

Posted : 17/09/2016.

Monday   11am – 2pm
Tuesday   11am – 2pm
Wednesday   CLOSED
Thursday   11am – 2pm
Friday   11am – 2pm
Saturday   11am – 2pm
Sunday   11am – 2pm
Appointments available outside these hours by phoning or texting 0412 581 672.

Esk Lyn Rd Longford Found 6kms along Pateena Rd

just cats cat and kitten expo 6/12/15

Posted : 13/11/2015.

December 6th 11am – 3pm at the Evandale Memorial Hall

View Facebook event page

Come along to our Cat and Kitten Expo – this is a wonderful event displaying different breeds of cats for the general public to gain knowledge and understanding of Pure Bred Cats. Along side the pedigree cats are the Just Cats cats and kittens who are also looking for homes – perhaps you could find your new family member here.
Bring the whole family as there are lots of things to do – entertain the kids with a jumping castle, face painting and of Pony Rides, whilst you can enjoy Christmas shopping with lots of market stalls about, perhaps you could also win your self a prize or two with some raffles available during the day.
Grab yourself something to eat for a late breakfast or lunch and finish it off with a treat or two from Mad Hatters Treats – so much to do and so much to see

Entry $2 adult $1 children or $5 for a family

Even a little helps a lot

Posted : 06/08/2015.

So many of you have said that you want to help but not sure how!
Well here’s an idea…

We have a few amazing people who donate straight to the Just Cats account on a regular basis. Some $5 a month and others more – actually some just $2. I know it doesn’t sound like much but when you add up all the monthly donations it becomes large. Imagine If all our Facebook followers, (all 4000 if them) donated $1 a month that’s $4,000 per month and then if all donated $5 per month it dramatically changes to $20,000 a month. With that kind of money we could do amazing things around the state – we could help with the feral issue, we could expand and get bigger
Come on guys – help us do this
Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574

Kitten season looms once again

11701218_10153076276718716_7024122121390217876_n Posted : 24/07/2015.

Sadly we are already seeing cats coming into the shelter Pregnant. Please, we cannot stress it enough that NOW is the time to desex your cat. Both male and females need to be desexed. Ask us about how to make it affordable – do yourself and your cat a favour and contact us at Just Cats – 0412581672


Thank you.

Posted : 29/05/2015.

Just Cats Tasmania would really like to thank all those who donate on a regular basis, $2 – $50 it really doesn’t matter as it all adds up and allows us to continue to take care of all the felines we have.
If you think you could make a regular donation – please do, this really does help the shelter as it’s our only funding xx
Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574

The new ferals

11193305_10152898845313716_7257045066363581524_n Posted : 04/05/2015.

I appreciate so many of you have lost loved cats that sometimes looks like a feral we have. Please note however that if we have a cat handed in that possibly could have been owned in the past – the post would read “found” but these guys have been born near a factory where the business owners have fed them and trapped them at the times where we can help out. There are 20 odd cats and kittens at this location that we are helping to rehabilitate. They are born in the wild ferals and never owned by humans ever xxx promise if I think otherwise you would be told. Thank you to those offering to adopt – it will be a along time before we can place them up for adoption. The best thing you can offer at this stage is to sponsor these two so that we can do their vet work and find them homes later. Sponsorship is $60 per cat
Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574
Feral as reference
Fiona Wallace has kindly taken them on for us and they will be returned once rehabilated – she will keep us updated on their progress

Looking for financial donations

2-week-old-kittens-cats-495048_1278_1920 Posted : 04/05/2015.

It’s been awhile since we have asked for financial donations –
We have so many kittens at the moment and are running low on kitten food – fancy feast wet food is our preference yet we don’t knock back other brands – no dry food needed. – or help us by donating to the just cat account – your donations go towards medical conditions or rehabilitation of feral cat (ones that can be tamed) and food for all who are here xxx
Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574

Cat and Kitten expo this Sunday

11082609_10152811642033716_3668264520260562824_n Posted : 14/04/2015.

On Sunday the 19th we will be holding our biggest Fundraiser for the year!

There will be so much to see with some great stall holders (great for Mothers Day gift ideas) information on cat runs and boarding, diet and nutrician – the kids can enjoy a pony ride, face painting for those big and small and we have a photographer coming who will be available to take photos for you on the day with or without your pet, bring your cat, your dog or even your rabbit…

Lots of cats looking for homes but also a great chance to meet some breeders to talk about different type of cats – some cats that will be on display for you will be – Siamese, Sphynx, Devon Rex, Cornish, Burmese, British, Tonkinese, Birmans, Maincoons and more.

Enjoy some Breakfast or lunch from the kitchen or a Sausage from the BBQ and finish it off with a gorgeous cupcake from Mad Hatters Treats – so much to do, see and enjoy!

$2 entry fee or $5 per family! spread the word and support Just Cats Tasmania – Sunday 19th April 10am – 3pm.

For more information, please visit our Facebook Event Page

Fletcher’s perfect home

Posted : 29/03/2015.

After recovering from his successful surgery to remove his damaged stump, tail and repair his toes, Fletcher was adopted to the perfect family. He will never have to worry about being treated anything less than a prince.

Fletcher's new family

A new home for Dorothy

Posted : 15/03/2015.

This strong little lady made a great recovery after a close call with a suspected poisoning. She is now happily living with her new family. Thank you to everyone who sponsored her

Dorothy's new family

Dorothy’s battle

10372524_10152705222678716_8173008724737500035_n Posted : 03/02/2015.

Dorothy is undergoing treatment at the moment. This poor poppet arrived unwell and pregnant. She lost 3 of her 4 kittens (who is in with foster mother cat) – we think she may have been poisoned before arriving here and is suffering extreme liver damage. But don’t worry we have her medicated and loving her to bits xxx if you can help Dorothy with her recovery please donate
Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574
“Dorothy” as reference

Update on Fletcher

10306266_10152702752628716_1249810719586992246_n Posted : 03/02/2015.

For those following Fletcher’s story – here he is. Doing well with another Buddy. His injuries are not causing him any distress now and soon he will under go surgery to have one leg amputated and his feet repaired. Xxx

** special offer – adopt Felix and you can adopt one of his mates for free**

Posted : 26/01/2015.

Felix is another kmart/Coles kitten – he is very quiet, would do extremely well with another kitten or cat, ok with older kids, just needs to find a home with people willing to give him the chance to settle in. Felix’s is desexed vaccinated and microchipped ready to go – $180

View his profile.

** Australia Day Special – Adopt Tinker with any other kitten for Free**

Posted : 26/01/2015.

offer available till the end if this week. This young man is still up for adoption and is located in longford. We really need to find him a home. Could you ask all your friends for us? Tinker is now 15 weeks $180 desexed vaccinated and microchipped

View his profile.

Fletcher’s fight

10303783_10152677979728716_4824356866060756272_n Posted : 23/01/2015.

We have a suspected cruelty case, at first we were really hoping that this kitten “Fletcher” had unfortunately come in contact with some type of machinery – car engine, mower, or farm equipment but sadly after close inspection at the vet today we found an injury that we really doubt was the cause of an accident.

If you know anything about this kitten of just 10 to 12 weeks of age who was found In the Moriarty area please inform us or the Devonport police.

This guy has had a limb, toes, tail and other areas cut off and will require surgery as soon as he is stronger.

Surgery and then rehab.

Please if you could help sponsor Fletcher, Donate to Just cats
Bsb 037608
Act 579574
Reference “Fletcher”

Collars on cats

10931344_10152677846653716_8574802751942050039_n Posted : 23/01/2015.

We often have people ask about collars for cats and my response has always been to not wear them and hence why microchipping would be a much better option. Cats can get caught in their collars and have no way of getting out. This picture is of a cat who went missing with a collar on – the collar had caught up around her neck and her left arm. Who knows how long she was like this for but she came in looking looking great – cleaned up and sutured today. Please – if you have cats outside – microchip them and remove their collar

Calling on rescue people

Posted : 09/01/2015.

Calling out for a group of rescue people. People who would help with transporting felines to foster carers or vets etc, people who could temporarily take in felines until foster care is set up. People who could help us with trapping cats, checking up on rescue call ours etc. Just need your name and number for a data base. When an emergency comes up we will send a group text to see if any of you can help. It does not matter where you are located.

Please contact or visit the Facebook post

Risks of ‘free’ kittens

Posted : 09/01/2015.

This little poppet was a free to good home advertised as 8 weeks old. I DONT THINK SO, less than half that age and I’ve had her for two weeks. Arrived here weighing 370 grams, dehydrated and very unwell.

**After several weeks of syringe feeding and looking after, we’re sad to say that this little girl has passed away overnight, of course Rachel is devastated, even after all the special experienced care she was given, she was just taken away from her mother too early, we hope her siblings are fairing better.**

Getting a kitten for free you run the risk of getting an unhealthy kitten that hasn’t been vet checked or like this one, way too young to leave its mother, still needing to suckle, cleaned and taught how to behave like a cat. Don;t forget the added costs of desexing and vaccinations.

Help for New Cattery

Posted : 08/01/2015.

Ok we need your help – We currently are able to house up to 70 – 100 cats or kittens and would like to extend the main cattery to house more allowing us the opportunity to save more lives, to help please visit our GoFundMe page and please remember to share this to as many friends and family as possible, lets save even more lives.

Brand new website

cat-308738_642 Posted : 08/01/2015.

Welcome to our new website, donated by Southern Websites. With our new system you can browse our cats and kittens up for adopton, foster and sponsorship. You can also keep update with our latest news and make simple donations to help us continue our great work, helping the unwanted cats of Tasmania.

Kitten Food

Posted : 01/01/2015.

We are in need of kitten wet food – if you think you could add a box or 2 to your shopping list and donate it we would really appreciate it. Could be left at pet barn Launceston for collection or dropped off at the shelter in Longford. If you would like to help but can’t drop food in perhaps you could donate $$ and we can purchase the food on your behalf.

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