Pal – a sad start ready for a fairytale ending

Posted : 20/08/2017. pal2

Pal has been at the shelter for a very long time – arriving here in February 2017

This little boy was left tied to a tree inside a box at Brickfields – his story below is from the original post.

Pal has taken awhile to trust people and now he is amazing – it would really be nice to see Pal find a home really soon – he adores other cats so he needs a home where other cats live too

This was the original post:

palpals box

Wow really?

So you obtain a kitten – maybe a free to good home around Xmas time and he gets the flu, what do you do? Just parcel him up into a box and leave him under a tree at Brickfields Park in Launceston.
That just seems the right thing to do now doesn’t it?


Disgusting behaviour

You could have dropped him off to a vet or a shelter rather than leaving him in the dark scared shitless!

Poor Pal is now in our care – he has received urgent medical attention and hydrated tonight
The next 24 hours will be critical to get his breathing clearer