Boots and Mouse are back

Posted : 08/10/2017. 2 cats need permanent foster home

Sadly, Boots and Mouses’ adoption did not work out, through no fault of their own.  They are back with Just Cats and are again, looking for that very special home to enjoy their golden years.

All Costs Covered

Male Domestic Short Hair

Warning – Really sad story – tissues required
Meet Boots (10yrs) and Mouse (4yrs)
These two beautiful cats are just adorable, but they are going through a very emotional change in their life and we need to help them through it!
Their devoted and extremely loving Owner – Bryan – tragically Passed away last week in a motor bike accident –
This seriously broke my heart hearing the family tell me Bryan’s story – what a kind cat loving man he was. Just on the Cusp of retiring to Tasmania to live a new life with his beautiful cats and his life ended so suddenly.
So you see – poor Boots and Mouse are in total shock – no idea what’s just happened to them, moving from Victoria to Tasmania and no Bryan to be seen – I can see the pain and emotion in their eyes.
Boots the 10 year old Tabby is suffering the most and is still having medical care as his stress levels have stopped him eating.
We are currently syringe feeding him and hydrating him to keep him safe.
Our next step once we can get him stable will be to find Both Mouse and Boots a permanent Foster home.
Permanent foster carers care for cats who are and always stay as Just Cats Cats – we own them and we pay for all their medical needs for the rest of their lives – but they live with their Foster Carer
Boots and mouse need a home with no other cats – indoors where they will be loved and warm
If you think you can offer them this opportunity we are now taking applications
Please note that their vet is now Mowbray Vet Clinic and therefore the carer does need to live in Launceston
Applications can be emailed to Rachel Beech
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