Just Cats Tasmania – Adopting Cats and Kittens From Us

Just Cats Tasmania is a not for profit organisation

Our goal is to help educate the public about the importance of de-sexing all cats – this in turn will help limit the amount of unwanted kittens in our wonderful state.

We take in unwanted Cats and Kittens, desex, vaccinate and micro-chip before placing them back up for adoption. Our surrender fee for kittens is just the cost of desexing mother cat at a discounted price, once this is agreed upon we then take in kittens to re home.

Just Cats Tasmania take a lot of pride in the minimum euthanasia rate within our shelter, and this is only used as a last resort if the Cats or Kittens are deemed too feral or too sick to treat. So far from opening in August 2012 we have taken in countlessĀ kittens and cats, and re homed over 1,000. Currently we have lots of Adult cats and kittens up for adoption.

The Just Cats Adoption Process

We pride ourselves on matching the right feline with the right family

You may think a particular coloured cat or kitten is what you would like but perhaps the temperament isn’t what you expect.

Just by sending us a message we can’t work out if the cat or kitten you are interested in is the perfect match for you.

Therefore –

You must either contact us by phoning 0412581672 so we can chat about your requirements and our expectations
Pop in to spend time with the cats and kittens
You’ll be surprised how many actually choose you!

Colour is an appearance – personality should be the importance

The shelter is open daily 11 till 2pm
The phone is answered between 10 and 5pm
With both being closed on Wednesdays

With Foster Carers around the state, Just Cats is able to Service the majority of Tasmania. More foster Carers are needed!

Donations to Just Cats Tasmania will be appreciated, money or cat food, blankets, bedding or litter. All donations over $5.00 can be given a receipt for Tax deduction.

Our Shelter is held on acreage with other animals,and all cats and kittens are raised with love as if they are our own. No cat will go hungry, cold or unloved while in our care.

Wayne and Rachel with their 2 children would love to show you around the cattery for you to find your very next family member. Give us a call today!